Adult Classes

Adult Classes


At Calvary Church, growing in our faith begins with a clear understanding and application of the Bible. While our children are learning the basics of the Scriptures, adults from college age to senior citizens have great opportunity to learn from gifted teachers. Consider these current options and make Sunday Morning Classes a priority.

Classes are held on Sunday Morning starting at 10:00 AM

Israel's Wisdom and Songs of Praise

In our continuing "Through the Bible Series," we consider the writing of Solomon in Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs as well as selected Psalms.  lead in Room 202.

Teachers: Mike Zettlemoyer, Bob Moreau, and Mike Baca

Location: Room 202

An overview study to consider how 27 books and letters written nearly 2,000 years ago by 9 men over a period of decades still matters today. From Jesus birth to his crucifixion and resurrection along with His challenge to His Church that extends to today, this study is invaluable and timely.

Teacher: Pastor Dave Peters

Location: Fellowship Hall (Gym downstairs)

A precious study of the heart of the Gospel: Saved by grace through faith alone in Christ alone according to the scriptures alone for the glory of God alone. Celebrate the foundations of our faith!

Teachers: Dan Grider, Jim Quartuccio, and Don Kuntzman

Location: Room 201