Calvary Kids Elementary

Current Unit

To their friends and family, they’re known as Zack and Jada—two ordinary kids who love to do ordinary things. But when they put their heads together, they’re known as the “Riddle Rangers”—an extraordinary duo who travel the world, solving riddles and puzzles with the guidance of their friend and mentor, Professor Covington. Their most recent adventure has taken them deep into the jungles of Peru to a mysterious cave packed with cryptic writings. During the “Riddle Rangers” series, kids will become a part of this riddle-filled adventure—an adventure that ultimately leads to the greatest Truth the world has ever known.

What will Sunday morning look like?

Your children will be JOINING the true story of God’s love and redemption through Jesus. This happens through interactive Bible lessons, lively activities and games, great music and worship on a kid’s level.

They will have imaginative time to reflect and respond to a weekly “BIG IDEA” through prayer, art, journaling, and opening their Bible.  Each week we will encourage memorizing our “Big Idea” Bible verse and sharing it the following week. Bringing a Bible is encouraged.

When does drop-off and pick-up happen?

Pick-up and drop-off time for Calvary Kids is DIFFERENT from the service, so that parents can freely enjoy fellowship between services.


Drop-off is 8:50-9:00am

Pick-up is 9:50-10:00am

10:10AM Service

Drop-off is 10:00 - 10:10am
Pick-up IS 11:25am


If this is your child's first time, please register them UPSTAIRS at the Welcome Desk in the Lobby. For all returning families, head DOWNSTAIRS and find the Check in Kiosk next to the Calvary Kids Banner near your child's classroom.

Then join us DOWNSTAIRS in Room 104 (from the upper lobby take the large staircase, from the lower lobby walk forwards and take the hallway to your left).

Check in & Security

We are committed to making your child's time with us sage and meaningful.

  • Upon check-in, just inside our doors, your child is given a numbered security tag. This sticker is placed on your child's back. This number matches the tag you are given. You will not be allowed to pick up your child until the numbers on these tags are matched. If we need to call you out of the service, we will text you.
  • Each of our serving team members goes through a criminal background check.
  • Our volunteer security team monitors our kids area during services.
  • For safety reasons, we ask that you drop off and pick up your child outside the door to their classroom.

Currently, we are not serving snacks.

We are excited to be a part of impacting kids’ lives with Jesus!  Questions?