Calvary Kids Nursery

What will Sunday morning look like?

In our nursery class, our goal is to create an interactive, peaceful atmosphere and care for your child’s physical needs to give them a great first impression of their Heavenly Father. Our nursery children will be introduced to the truths that God loves them, made them, and cares for them.

We encourage you to convey any information that would help us better care for your child.

When does drop-off and pick-up happen?

Pick-up and drop-off time for Calvary Kids is DIFFERENT from the service, so that parents can freely enjoy fellowship between services.


Care provided

10:10AM Service

Care provided

CHECK-IN AT the nursery door;

Age 0-3 is UPSTAIRS in the nursery, to the left of the Worship Center

Children are welcome to spend the entire morning in Calvary Kids so you can attend an adult Bible study class, have fellowship time, and enjoy a worship service. If you prefer your baby join you in the worship service, that’s great, too. We invite you to bring your child to the nursery anytime during the service, if you should need to step out.

Check in & Security

We are committed to making your child's time with us sage and meaningful.

  • Upon check-in, your child is given a numbered security tag. This sticker is placed on your child's back. This number matches the tag you are given. You will not be allowed to pick up your child until the numbers on these tags are matched. If we need to call you out of the service, we will text you.
  • Each of our serving team members goes through a criminal background check.
  • Our volunteer security team monitors the lobby area during services.
  • For safety reasons, we ask that you drop off and pick up your child at the desk just inside the door to their classroom.

What should I provide for the morning?

The serving team members in our nursery rooms have a love for children of this age and look forward to caring for the needs of your child.

  • Please bring diapers, bottle, pacifier, a water cup, a spare outfit, and any other special items that will help soothe your baby during their time with at Calvary.
  • Please label all items with your child’s name.


  • Currently we are not serving snacks, but you may bring some while you watch your child in the nursery.

What else should I know?

A nursing mother’s area is available. Ask any of our nursery volunteers to direct you to this space.

Don’t be alarmed if your child cries during drop-off and pick-up.  Children with different temperaments will react differently to separation anxiety.  We understand that this is a natural and healthy sign that your child has formed a bond with you.  Our volunteers will care for your child patiently and try to get to know your preferences.  If we are unable to console them, we will call you out of the service, or text you.

We care about the health of your child and the other kids too! Therefore, we ask that all kids who are experiencing a fever of 99.8 or above, runny nose, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other symptoms of illness not come to class that day. Children must be free of fever for 24 hours. Additionally, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all classroom items regularly.

We are excited to be a part of impacting kids’ lives with Jesus!  Questions?