Adult Bible Classes

On Sundays, and sometimes throughout the week, we also offer Adult Bible Classes to further our journey towards Christ as a body. All year we offer one class during both services that covers the Gospel Project, and sometimes we offer membership classes as well. Take a look at the current options and consider joining a class.

Upcoming Offerings

Financial Peace University

Sundays at 9 AM, Starting September 18

This is a nine-lesson course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely and invest for your future. For over 25 years, Dave Ramsey’s been teaching commonsense, biblical money principles that work. Sign up for our class chapter taught by Dan Oswald by clicking here before September 17!

Teacher: Dan Oswald

Location: Room 201
(upstairs - behind the sanctuary; from the stairwell from the lower entrance)


Sundays at 9 AM, Starting September 18

ENCOUNTERS is a NEW advanced level class. This fall quarter begins the first unit in the series, exploring the implications of theology, beliefs, and doctrines on what we believe, how we think, and how we live. Concepts in unit one will include Reformed Theology and the five “Sola” statements. Learn more about this class taught by Peter Bogert and Gene Parris by clicking here!

Teachers: Peter Bogert, Gene Parris

Location: The Sanctuary

Closer Look

Sundays at 9 AM, Starting September 18

We'll be taking a break from our JOURNEY's Class to provide Closer Look! This is a 4-5 session class designed to prepare individuals for church membership. Church membership in its simplest form is a commitment to follow Jesus under the guidance of this church's leadership and on mission with this particular body of Christians here in Coopersburg. It's a good, life-giving experience! If you are interested, sign up by clicking here before September 11!

Teachers: Matt Arthur, Dave Marks

Location: Conference Room
(upstairs - behind the sanctuary; from the stairwell from the lower entrance)

The Gospel Project

Sundays at 9 AM

Experience solid biblical teaching and discussion through teaching from the Gospel Project. We'll see key themes developed through Scripture, and relevant Gospel-oriented application to life today as we follow along with this systematic, structured approach from Genesis to Revelation. Find us in Room 202 during first service, and then downstairs in the Fellowship Hall for second service. No sign up necessary!

Teachers: Bob Moreau, Steve Behrens, Mike Baca

Location: Room 202
(upstairs - behind the sanctuary; from the stairwell from the lower entrance)


New Episodes released on Tuesday Evenings

Roots give a tree nourishment, but they also give it stability. The same is true with us. When our spiritual roots are weak or shallow, it’s hard for us to grow into all God has for us. It's hard for us to stand against the winds of our culture and the numerous false worldviews that it promotes. Thus this class is intended to address beliefs, that form our attitudes/outlook, which affect our behavior/practices. And yes - that deeply involves talking about theology and doctrine - but not in a way that is dry and theoretical.

Instead, it’s weekly 5-7 minute videos that will renew your mind, clarify your beliefs and equip you to grow. You may be exploring Christianity, or you may be a relatively new believer, or you may have been in the church for years. Either way, I’d (Pastor Peter Bogert) like to invite you to check out Roots each week so that we can grow deep and live strong!

Teachers: Pastor Peter Bogert

Past Class Offerings

Biblical Parenting

Have you considered the Bible as a source of parenting advice? God, in His infinite wisdom, has given parents a wealth of practical and relevant instruction in His Word. Biblical Parenting will explore parenting rooted in the scriptures. The class is going to be informal and interactive with lots of room for discussion.

"It is our goal to equip you with tools God can use to put His holy Word in the hearts of our children and experience the transformation that only comes through Him."