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At Calvary, we believe that our purpose is to enthusiastically worship God with other believers. We do this by gathering together on Sunday mornings to sing songs, listen to Bible teaching from our pastors, and often partake in communion to remember what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. Through not only doing but prioritizing these things, we remember God’s worth and work in our lives which gives us delight.

We would love to share this joy with you - whether that be in person or online, and would encourage you to use the materials on this page throughout the week to connect deeper with God!

Upcoming Series - More To The Story

June 5 - July 31

After showing that people can be made right with God through faith in Jesus, the book of Romans now spends the next chapters 6-8 listing the benefits that faith brings.  Justification by faith is a tremendous truth.  Still, there is "More to the Story."

God at Work

I Can See Clearly Now

Celebration or Dread

When you Say Nothing at All

Promises Made, Believed, And Kept

Reasons To Rejoice

Union With Christ



God Chose to Bless Some People

Encourage Each Other

Enslaved by Freedom

Don't Try Harder

Sola Fide

Despite our Mistakes

The Better Representative

You're Gonna Have to Serve Somebody


An Answer To "Why?"

God Chose Justice and Mercy

The Key to Life

Benefit of the Doubt

The Only thing that Fits

Accessing God's Line Of Credit

Standing in Grace

When I Am Overwhelmed


The Father

Confidence That We Are Loved

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This is Real Life

But Jesus Says

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Who is Jesus?

See the Difference

Made for This

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