Some Answers to Put You at Ease

At Calvary we strive to make your experience as stress free as possible.

Going anywhere for the first time can be overwhelming. We hope these frequently asked questions make your visit more enjoyable and allow you to give your focus to what matters: worshiping our Savior Jesus Christ.

What should I expect when I visit?

Calvary Church is a family...growing, learning, interacting, enjoying life together. We are committed to teaching the changeless truth of the Bible and apply that truth to the everyday concerns you face. Our service is bible focused and God-centered and includes worshiping the Lord through song, fellowship, giving, and teaching. We regularly seek to the Lord's guidance and aim to be the caring community that we long for. We have a warm, relational people and love to meet others and grow together. We have two identical Sunday worship services at 9:00am and 10:45am with childcare available during both services. Childcare staff have all the necessary clearances and the building is secure and well maintained so that you can worship in a safe and clean setting. If you are new to our church, please visit the Welcome Table so that we can help you to have the Welcome that you deserve and can get you connected to our family and the services we offer.

Interesting question. Our worship is joyful, biblical, expressive, participatory, God-honoring. That means that some music will be upbeat and praise oriented. But then the next song you sing might be a wonderful old hymn that expresses much the same message. Both services are essentially the same. You'll find diversity here...great hymns to new melodies, new hymns that capture your heart, worship music that focuses our attention on the Savior. It's not the style that matters...as long as it in worthy of the God we worship!

We want you here and we aren’t concerned about clothing choices. Some folks dress casually while others wear their "Sunday best." As long as our clothing doesn't distract from worship or is dishonoring to the God we serve, we have little concern about it.

Giving is a matter of the heart. In many services the congregation is given the opportunity to participate in an offering, but no one is ever put on the spot. If you're new, feel free to pass the plate to the next person and you've no reason to feel awkward. If you feel impressed to give, go ahead! The Scriptures say that when we give, we should give with joy...not out of compulsion.

The Scriptures say that participation in the Lord's Supper, Communion is for those who have come to faith in Christ and have come prepared to remember again His sacrifice on our behalf. It has nothing to do with church membership or being from this fellowship. If you are a Christian who has come prepared to worship with others around the Lord's table, we welcome your participation!  Communion is a special observance and is offered every sixth Sunday.

We would like to get you connected to our church. We have many opportunities to learn Gods word and worship together.  We encourage you to get connected through Sunday school classes, connect groups (small group ministry), and Wednesday family night in addition to our Sunday services. There are many other opportunities to get to know others as we learn and worship the Lord together.  Please check out the CONNECT tab for a listing of all the ministries available to fit you and your family’s interests.  We also have special events such as movies, concerts, visiting groups, and special dinners throughout the year.

A healthy church is a place where you can find and fulfill God’s purposes for your life: belonging to a group of believers, worshipping God, maturing in your faith, serving God and others and finally learning to share God’s love with people on the outside.  The church is a family. It’s not a building, club, organization, institution or a religion. It’s a family. It’s God's family. When you commit your life to Jesus Christ, you become part of a family and every believer needs a spiritual family to belong to and that’s why you need a church home.  The church is part of God’s plan for us and we can’t have the fellowship and support God desires for us without a church. Even if our church doesn’t feel like the right fit, we encourage you to find a bible focused, God centered church that would meet your needs, even if it isn’t ours.

Italicized text Paraphrased From Rick Warren – Purpose Driven Life “How To find a church home”.

We believe membership in a local fellowship is important, but membership has nothing to do with being welcome for worship and fellowship with Calvary Church. Come. Worship. Learn. Build relationships. Attend a "Closer Look" membership class and bring your questions. And when the Lord leads, we'll be glad to explain more about membership. Until then...just come!

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