Sunday Bible Studies

Sunday Bible Studies


At Calvary Church, growing in our faith begins with a clear understanding and application of the Bible. While our children are learning the basics of the Scriptures, adults from college age to senior citizens have great opportunity to learn from gifted teachers. Consider these current options and make Sunday Morning Bible Studies a priority.

Classes are held on Sunday Morning starting at 10:00 AM

The Shape of Things to Come

Our study of Revelation has been so well received that we’re extending it into the Fall quarter and integrating it with the prophecies of Daniel from the Old Testament. Dick Reigle, Mike Zettlemoyer, and a guest session with Carl Cassel will help us unfold these timely and exciting prophe- cies, some fulfilled and some still to come.

Teachers: Mike Zettlemoyer, Dick Reigle, and Carl Cassel

Location: Room 202

God for Us

Is God really good? Cancer takes a loved one. The job we loved dissolves. Our child grows up to be a rebel of rebels. We get the fact that God is sovereign; that He is holy (and we’re not), but where is He in our pain? Is He really with us; really on our side? The answer is a resounding YES! This study of John’s gospel points to a God for the Distant, the Skeptic, the Ashamed, the Grieving, the Failure. He is for us; a loving, hope-giving God who will finish what He has begun.

Location: Gym (Fellowship Hall)

A Closer Look

New to Calvary Church? Have questions? Want to know what we’re really about and what we really believe? Join us this Fall for “A Closer Look.” Our history, our faith, what we mean by baptism and com- munion, the joy of being part of the Calvary family: all of this and more are yours at “A Closer Look.” (Prerequisite for membership.)

Location: Conference Room (on the second level across from room 202)