Sunday Bible Studies

Sunday Bible Studies


At Calvary Church, growing in our faith begins with a clear understanding and application of the Bible. While our children are learning the basics of the Scriptures, adults from college age to senior citizens have great opportunity to learn from gifted teachers. Consider these current options and make Sunday Morning Bible Studies a priority.

Classes are held on Sunday Morning starting at 10:00 AM

The Shape of Things to Come

A study through the book of Revelation. All are welcome and invited.  If you've sought to understand this fascinating and mysterious book of the Bible, please join us.

Teachers: Mike Zettlemoyer and Dick Reigle

Location: Room 202

The class addresses concerns facing our families as well as our culture from a thoroughly sound biblical perspective.

Teacher: Members of our church and guest speakers

Location: Fellowship Hall (Gym downstairs)

This Week June 23rd

Eternally Condemned

It’s an age-old, most difficult question: How could a good and loving God send people to Hell? A better question might be, DoesGod send people to Hell? How does the wrath of God coexist with the grace and love of Jesus? Where do the holiness of God, the sinfulness of rebellious people, the power of the Cross, and the justifiable wrath of God meet? How does the grace of God triumph?

Teacher: Mike Baca